Why Use The Prillaman Group?

Male ExecutiveThe Prillaman Group Inc. was founded in 2002 to provide HR consulting services to small and medium sized businesses and executive search for all companies. We help you recruit the caliber of employees that best represents your organization’s values, beliefs and ways of doing business.

Poor hiring decision leads to poor performance, high maintenance employees, high turnover, and poor profitability.  Have you ever hired someone because “your gut” told you this was the one?  Or have you made the statement “they looked good on paper” only to find out they could not perform at the level you expected.  In all likelihood, you were disappointed with their performance.   If this sounds familiar, you did a poor job during the selection process.

The primary objective of any business is to provide products and/or services to the American consumer for a profit. Those that do it well prosper.  Those who don’t only survive.   The common thread to both of these organizations is their human capital.

Hiring the right people separates the “good companies from the great companies.” According to Jim Collins in his bestselling book “Good to Great”, you must first get the right person on the bus, then you must get them in the right seat”.  Organizations that master the hiring process make the leap to becoming great and while others don’t.

In a recent survey by Accenture of 850 executives across the globe revealed that two-thirds put the inability to attract and retain talent as the second most important issue that threatened their business success.  Competition was first.  Interestingly enough, talent was the only issue that increased in significance from a similar survey in 2005.  Whether you’re a big or small business, this concept remains true and the following statistics apply.

82% of business executives/owners believe that human capital has an impact on profitability!

92% know that human capital has a significant effect on customer satisfaction!

72% believe that human capital has an impact on innovation, improved processes and new product development!

Leadership drives talent and talent drives performance!

We can help you make the right hiring decision!

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