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Classifed AdsThe difference between a good staffing agency and a great staffing agency is the same as any good athletic team vs. a championship team.  The difference is the quality of the team members and the leadership they receive.  One without the other is half a cake.  We can customize a training program to prepare your leadership team for the challenges of leading a business unit and we can assist you in making the best hire possible.

Knowing how to recruit and having the experience to create applicant flow, interview, reference, assess, and select candidates for the type of position you want to fill is the difference.  Hiring anyone that wants a job for a day or week doesn’t get it done.

TPG Staffing has more than 28 years of experience recruiting, screenings and selecting the good candidates across a variety of industries.  We are hiring professionals  and we can help you to create a competitive advantage for your company.

It’s all about experience.

Hiring is more than a gut decision or a referral from someone you know.  Recruiting is more than running a help wanted ad in the newspaper or hanging a “Help Wanted” sign on your storefront window.  It is the process the attracting, interviewing, probing, referencing and selecting the best talent available.  Make no mistake, problem employees are hired and bring their bad habits and attitudes with them to the job on day one.

Let us help you make the right hire decision.  We’ve got more than 28 years of experience of identifying and hiring the right people.  We have mastered the hiring process so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

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